A full service roofer

We're a full service company which is a tremendous benefit for you as it means you only need call one company for all your requirements. No more searching online or through local trade directories to find an expert on slate replacement, or who can handle GRP fibreglass, or knows what they're doing when it comes to chimneys. 

From now on you've got the phone number for all the expertise you'll ever need.

Wide range of services

You've heard of the phrase 'Jack of all trades master of none.' Well, we're confident you'll not think that about us as we back our wide range of services with the professionalism and expertise to provide each one to the highest standards of quality. We're sure you'll be pleased just as many many others are in the area - in fact we guarantee it. There's a satisfaction guarantee on all work for your peace of mind.

Top quality staff

Roofing is our one and only business - we're not other tradesmen who dabble in it. We make it our profession and pride ourselves in work that will last for many years to come. The process starts with your first contact with us - we'll come and visit to assess properly what needs doing. We'll provide a full and free estimate that isn't full of extra and unnecessary work, and we won't sting you with any hidden extras: the estimate we give is a full price for the job.

The tradesmen who will carry out the work for you are all fully experienced and trained professionals. We choose all staff carefully, and their customer focused approach means your experience of having us on your premises is as fuss-free and efficient as we can possibly make it.

Integrity comes as standard

We're open and honest in our dealings with you. Along with full and free estimates, we don't try any strong arm sales tactics or scaremongering to force you into making a decision. There's no 'special offer but it only applies today' pricing - we'll show you what needs doing, provide a fair estimate and let you decide at your own pace.

Sounds good? Call now on 0161 433 8799.

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